I work with a very nice lady who is a diehard Republican. I call her Betsy Ross. Betsy is adorable and she is one of my best friends. Betsy knows that I’m a liberal and I know that she’s a conservative, and that’s just the way it is. We’ve never let politics get in the way of our friendship.

I walked onto the unit yesterday at change of shift and found Betsy sitting at the nurses station. She looked up and said that she needed to speak to me. I put down my handbag and asked her what she needed. Betsy meekly smiled and said that she was voting for Obama. Not that she really likes him mind you, but that she couldn’t vote for McCain after Colin Powell endorsed Obama. She said that Colin Powell is a man of principle, and if Obama is good enough for him, he’s good enough for her, too. She added that she didn’t agree with Rush Limbaugh’s statement that Powell’s decision to endorse Obama was based on race. I pinched myself. Betsy Ross is endorsing Barack Obama.

McCain is screwed.