This picture was published in a nursing school yearbook in 1964 B.C. The B.C. stands for “Before Computers.” Check out the high tech electric typewriter. I remember practicing my typing skills when I was a nursing student because nurses acted as the unit stenographers. We would type up lab results and x-ray reports as we received them over the phone, and hand the freshly typed pages to the doctors when they walked into the nurses station. I have a lot of memories of my days in nursing school, and I know you do, too.

It’s time to start getting ready for the October 16th edition of Change of Shift. I’m serving as host and I want to hear about your days in nursing school. Deadline for submitting your posts is October 14th. Your posts don’t have to be about nursing school, and all submissions will receive consideration. It’s time to be true to your school. Send your posts to motherjonesrn AT yahoo DOT com. Now start writing!