(Warning: This is a rant. I don’t hate all doctors. Just the ones who walk around with their heads up their butt.)

Wow, look at this doctor. He looks full of himself. I hoped he likes eating crow.

I’ve met a few doctors over my thirty-year career that need to learn some manners, especially when it comes to dealing with nurses. Most of these doctors treat nurses like appliances, but once in a while you meet one who treats nurses with outright contempt. Fortunately the universe has a way of putting pigheaded doctors in their place.

Karma is a nurse’s best friend, and doctors who treat nurses badly will eventually end up dealing with Karma’s wrath. This usually takes the form of the big, “Oh my God, the nurse was right and now I look really stupid” moment. These moments happen frequently when doctors don’t listen to nurses and we will stand in line at the nurses station just to watch the doctor squirm. Note to pompous doctors: Nurses are with your patients around the clock, so it behooves you to listen to what we are saying. Swallow your pride and suck it up. I know my colleagues and I are “just nurses,” but we’re there to keep your patients safe, and in the process, we cover your butt and keep you from getting sued. And while we’re on the subject, I also want to invite doctors who come from countries who don’t respect women in the first place to became more Americanized when dealing with nurses in the workplace. Seriously people, I’m really tired of being treated like trash because you view women as second-class citizens.

Remember, nurses hold grudges and we have long memories. We also know many ways of serving you crow the next time you walk into the nurses station.