Do you know what we have here? We have five nurses sitting together and I bet they all have different opinions about EVEYTHING. Nurses are a very diverse group, and some people have even suggested that we are opinionated. Not that I’ve even been called that, just sayin.’ Kim from Emergiblog has been very busy organizing a full track of presentations for BlogWorldExpo09. Now we need your input, so please take a few minutes to participate in the BlogWorldExpo09 opinion poll. You can find the poll by scrolling down and checking out my sidebar.

How to vote:
1. Click on “Comment” at the bottom of the poll.
2. Click on the “Vote” tab. You should then be able to pick your eight topics.
3. If you are asked to enter a password (as the poll is private), it is “blog”.

The eleventh topic, Networking Outside the Medical Blogosphere, could not be added to the list, but you can still vote for it by sending Kim a comment or an email. The poll ends in November, so go ahead and vote now. It’s OK to be opinionated.