She is disciplined and dainty,
She’s dependable and neat,
Careful, capable and canny,
Cool, courageous, smart and sweet;

She is soft as silk or satin,
She’s as hard as any nail,
Has woman’s intuition
With the logic of the male.

She contends with circumstances
That would shatter nerves of steel,
Yet she’s jestful, faithful, zestful,
Though she shakes from head to heel;

She’s a messenger of mercy
From the Prince of Peace and Love,
She’s sagacious as a serpent,
She’s as harmless as a dove.

She’s the servitor of Science,
She has wisdom deep and wide,
She is forceful, fast, resourceful,
Calm, unhurried, dignified;

She’s the daughter deft of Duty,
Sent to seek and serve and save,
And she’s on the job forever,
From the cradle to the grave.

(Published in “The Gusher” Vol. 4 by the Senior Class of Bradford Hospital Training School in 1929.)