It’s no secret. I’m a bibliophile. I’m especially entranced with collecting nursing yearbooks. I look into the faces of the nurses in each volume and I wonder how their lives turned out. Once in a while I get lucky and I learn the history behind the yearbook. Take this young lady. Her name was Lorna Calvit, and she graduated from St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona in 1937.

Faye had given her yearbook to a neighbor many years ago, and her neighbor, who was going into a nursing home, sold the book on eBay. I wrote to Faye’s neighbor and asked her if she could tell me a little bit about Faye. This is what she wrote:

Faye Calvit (she never went by Lorna) was in the nursing profession for over 40 years. She passed away in January 1992 in her early 80’s. She worked at Baylor Hospital (Dallas) in emergency and then as a floor nurse. She finally went to work for Texas Instruments from where she retired—she was head nurse there.

She should be remembered for all the volunteer work at Dallas VA and her fund raising projects for the vets. We were friends and neighbors from 1972-1992.

Nursing yearbooks pay homage to those who came before us and who set the standards for the nursing profession.