Well, hello there. I’m not sure who you are, but I think that this is the beginning of a long and beautiful relationship. Keep those gifts and candy canes coming!

Meet Little Baby Jones. I was two years old in this picture, and I was totally in love with Santa Claus. I remember my mom plopping me on this guy’s lap and standing behind the camera calling my name, begging me to look into the camera. No deal! I was too busy looking at his fake beard (I remember I thought it looked really strange), and staring into his big blue eyes. I bet I asked Santa for a baby doll and a nurse’s kit.

Every year, I’ve been telling you about my Christmas adventures at the Greatest Hospital In the World. You can read about my past Christmas adventures here and here. There has been a cosmic shift this year at the Greatest Hospital In the World. The employees received a letter from Mr. Grinch. This is what it said:

Dear Valued Employees:

Another year has come and gone at the Greatest Hospital In the World, and just because I’m a great big wonderful guy, I’ve decided to give you a token of my appreciation.

On behalf of the Greatest Hospital In the World, I am pleased to present to you a CheapWay Gift Card. I’m cheap and nothing says penny pincher better than a CheapWay Gift Card.

Please enjoy this gift and I wish you and your family a happy and a healthy new year. Merry Christmas!

There’s been a lot of chatter around the nurses station about Mr. Grinch’s holiday spirit. Granted, the gift cards won’t buy much more than a quart of milk or a gallon of gas, but it’s a lot more than what we’ve gotten in the past. So far I’ve heard three viable theories as to why Mr. Grinch is opening up his wallet and spreading a little Christmas cheer.

1) The Barack Obama Theory:

Some people believe that President-elect Barack Obama is having an impact on Mr. Grinch. They think that Mr. Grinch is giving away gift cards because President-elect Obama wants rich people to spread the wealth. I don’t believe it. I saw a McCain bumper sticker on Mr. Grinch’s very expensive car during the last election.

2) The Blackmail Theory

Now this theory is very intriguing. God knows that Mr. Grinch has a lot of enemies who would LOVE to find something to hold over his head. Maybe he got caught stealing cookies out of Santa’s cookie jar, or cheating with one of Santa’s little helpers. I don’t know what to think about these rumors. I hope he’s not cheating on Mrs. Grinch. She’d kill him.

3) The Spirit of Christmas Theory

A few people who believe in the power of good over evil believe that Mr. Grinch has found his heart and the Christmas spirit, and that’s why he gave out the gift cards. Bah-Humbug, Mr. Grinch doesn’t have a heart. There are some mysteries that can’t be solved. Merry Christmas from the Greatest Hospital in the World.