Do you remember the television show All in the Family? I remember an episode when Edith Bunker turned into a hormonal dingbat when she started going through menopause. Poor Archie. He didn’t know what to do. Edith was screaming and crying. Archie was going crazy, so he went up to Edith and said, “Ok, go ahead and do it. You’re going through the change, so CHANGE!

Our economy is in a really bad place right now. We all want things to get better, but good times are no where in sight. I feel a little bit like Archie Bunker. I want things to change right now, because change isn’t coming fast enough for a lot of my patients. More people are homeless, and people who have never been unemployed before can’t find work and are unable to pay their bills. It’s been standing room only on my unit for the last couple of months. I really hope that President Obama delivers on his promises. There are a lot of people counting on him. All they have is hope.

I know that Archie would have voted for Obama after eight years of Bush. Even Archie can change. Yes he can.