Dear President Obama:

I’m sorry, but I was laughing my butt off yesterday when Tom Daschle withdrew his nomination for HHS Secretary. I was pleasantly surprised when he was able to figured out how to get his name off of the nomination list. After all, he had such a tough time figuring out that you have to pay taxes on gifts. Maybe next time he will consult with H&R Block before he files his taxes.

President Obama, I’m sure that you really meant it when you said that you want to look forward and get on with business of running the country. And who can blame you. You tried to put a former health care lobbyist at the helm of HHS. Oops! Yes, President Obama, you screwed up, but there is a way out of this. You need to start listening to the people who put you in office. You remember, the people who voted for you. The ones who still want change. So far, all I’m seeing is a rerun of the Bill Clinton Show circa 1990s. I’ll never understand why a smart guy like you wants to emulate the Clinton administration.

I humbly suggest that you nominate Dr. Howard Dean as Secretary of HHS. Let’s look at his qualifications. First, he’s a doctor. That’s right, President Obama. I really think that anyone who holds a health care cabinet position should have an actual background in health care. Dr. Howard Dean is also the former governor of Vermont. He brought near-universal health care coverage to the people of Vermont, and he wants to bring the same thing to all of us. There’s one more reason why you should give the job to Howard Dean. You owe him. He helped put you in office. It’s just the Clinton thing to do.