The public is discovering a dirty little secret that nurses have known about for years. Some doctors are jackasses who can’t find their way out of a box. It’s true. There are some doctors out there I wouldn’t recommend to my worst enemy. Now, thanks to the Internet, patients can log onto websites and share their medical horror stories with the rest of the world. Right? Not so fast. According to this news story, some doctors are asking patients to agree to what amounts to a gag order that bars them from posting negative comments online.

Some doctors are whining about websites that let patients doctor-bash. They call it “tabloid journalism.” I beg to differ. It’s called free speech. People have always complained about their doctors. I bet that even Hippocrates had a few disgruntled patients. Personally, I would NEVER see a physician that insisted that I sign a waiver agreement that would keep me from sharing my opinions about them on the Internet. More proof that some doctors are total jerks.