Barbie just turned the big 5-0 this year. Doesn’t she look great? I don’t know too many 50 year old women that can still fit into a size 0 pair of skintight pants. Barbie and I grew up together and I always wanted to grow up to be just like my Barbie Doll. She had the coolest clothes, drove a sports car, and lived in a dream house. I wasn’t sure that I wanted a boyfriend like Ken. He was kind of dorky. Sorry, Ken. You just weren’t my type.

Barbie was the type of girl who could do anything. She was always the Home Coming Queen, the coolest girl at the malt shop, and the prettiest girl at the beach. When it came to career choices, my Barbie always wanted to be a nurse. Look closely. Barbie was a three-year diploma nurse. In your face ANA. Not everyone has to go to a four year school to became a nurse.

Here’s a YouTube video about Nurse Barbie, and Doctor Ken. Happy Birthday, Barbie!