Holy crap! Now this nurse works in a tough neighborhood. Check out the guys walking her to the parking lot. Besides the occasional avalanche, I had no idea that working at a ski lodge could be so dangerous. I don’t think this nurse is too smart. She is working in a bad neighborhood, she is freezing her butt off in a little blue cape and her nurses cap is going to fly off of her head in the wind. She is obviously not the brightest nurse in the igloo.

I’ve never been able to figure out why God made snow. I think he was in a bad mood one day and said, “To heck with it. I’m going to make something that’s wet, cold, and disgusting.” And don’t give me that crap about snow being fluffy and beautiful. I’m not in the mood. I got snowed in at work last weekend and I’m not happy about it.

The weatherman called for 6-8 inches of snow when I got up last Sunday morning, so I packed a suitcase and went into work. I was hoping that my packed bag would ward off evil snow spirits, but they just laughed in my face and hit our area with over 12 inches of heavy wet snow, along with 35-40 mile an hour winds. My friend Night Nurse slammed into a ditch when she was coming into work. Fortunately she wasn’t injured and she eventually made it into work. Thank God she has a four wheel drive truck. Of course I couldn’t leave until Night Nurse made it into work, and then I couldn’t go home because of the weather. I spent the night on a hard mattress in a very cold part of the hospital. Then the next morning I got a wake up call from Night Nurse, pleading with me to come back to the unit. The day shift hadn’t made it in yet, and the patients were waking up, so I splashed some very cold water on my face and ran back onto the unit to work.

Now call me old fashioned, but throughout this whole ordeal I kept wondering why my boss wasn’t at work. Back in the old days, head nurses came into work before big storms hit and they didn’t leave the unit for days. That’s right, for days! They packed a suitcase, and they were the first ones to come in during an emergency and the last ones to leave. I know things have changed. Now nurse managers are pencil pushers with a nursing degree. Just because things are changing doesn’t mean that I have to like it. I have a typical nurse manager. She came strolling onto the unit on Monday morning with her makeup on, perfectly quaffed, and with every hair in place. She looked rested and refreshed. I looked like hell. My boss just gave me another reason to hate snow. Thanks!