My husband and I did something amazing last weekend. We went out to see the new Star Trek movie before it came out on DVD. You may not find this to be mind-blowing, but we are frugal people. We don’t part with our money easily.

At first I hadn’t planned on seeing the movie. I was afraid that the new movie was going to be a crappy sequel, so I wasn’t going to waste my money on it. Like I said, I’m cheap. Then I heard some of the younger nurses on my unit talking about the movie at work. These kids couldn’t stop talking about the movie. I was amused by their verbiage as they described the movie. One nurse said that the movie was “new, different, and completely groundbreaking.” I just rolled my eyes. I guess they forgot that old nurses like me were watching Star Trek back in the 1960s on our black and white television sets. I just smiled and flashed them the Vulcan peace sign and said, “Live long and prosper.”

My husband and I bit the bullet. We bought our movie tickets, along with a $20 bucket of popcorn, and we walked into the theater just in time to catch the 11 AM matinee. There weren’t too many other people in the place, and the ones who were there were all AARP eligible just like us. I guess my husband and I weren’t the only two old timers who wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I’m not going to give away the plot, but the storyline delves into how the characters first meet up. Unfortunately, Nurse Chapel was nowhere to be seen in this movie. Maybe she’ll show up in their next movie as a student nurse. I’d love to see her in her student nurse pinafore and wearing her nurses cap. They just better not make her into some sort of sex kitten. See my previous rant about Nurse Jackie.

I give the new Star Trek Movie an arthritic thumbs up. Geezers, impress your younger coworkers at the nurses station and go see the movie. They will find it quaint you know about Captain Kirk. You don’t have to tell them that you knew who he was before they were born.