Have you ever wondered what nurses do on their day off from work? Some nurses catch up on their housework. I’d rather go to a health care rally than chase dust bunnies under my bed. So would these ladies. Bertha, the lady on the left, is a friend of mine from work. The lady on the right is a doctor from Ohio that we met in Washington, DC. Her name is AJ. She and her husband drove to DC to attend the rally and to visit her congressman because she is sick and tired of seeing her patients suffer under our current health care system.

Bertha and I bumped into AJ at a breakfast that SEIU sponsored, and she graciously invited me to chronicle her trip to Capitol Hill. She planned to visit her member of Congress, Steve Driehaus. Unfortunately Representative Driehaus wasn’t in his office when AJ and I dropped by, but we got to meet with one of his Legislative Correspondents. Meet Sarah McHugh. AJ also got a chance to chat with the Congressman’s Press Secretary, Tim Mulvey. AJ spoke from her heart about the current state of health care while Ms. McHugh and Mr. Mulvey listened intently. They said that they would pass AJ’s thoughts onto the Congressman.

AJ, Bertha, and I attended a rally in Upper Senate Park after visiting Congressman Driehaus’ Office. This is Edie Falco, the actress who plays Nurse Jackie, giving a speech in support of health care reform. She’s in favor of the public option health plan. Edie said that she still remembers how scared she was when she didn’t have health insurance. She said she was always worried about how she was going to pay for medical care if she got sick and had to go see a doctor. Edie still has a lot of friends that don’t have health insurance, and that’s why she’s in favor of President Obama’s plan for health care reform. Go Edie! Maybe I’ll stop knocking her show now, even though I still think it stinks. Sorry, Edie.

AJ, Bertha, and I went to a town hall meeting for nurses and doctors in DC after the rally. This is Doctor Howard Dean, the former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Doctor Dean is also campaigning for health care reform. He, too, is a proponent of the public option health plan. Howard can fire up a crowd. You could feel the energy pulsating in the room. Doctors and nurses were sharing stories and ideas, and working together in an united front. It was awe-inspiring. I wished that the afternoon could have gone on forever.

I urge all health care professions to join the cause to promote health care reform. Whatever you believe, get involved. Lawmakers need to hear your stories. They respect doctors and nurses. AJ took time out from her busy practice to come to DC. Call your member of Congress, or write them a letter. Let them know where you stand. Tell them you want the best for your patients.