Have you ever wondered why nursing students like this one carry just one candle in their nursing lamp when they get capped. We just use one candle to cut down on confusion. The instructions are easy to remember. Use one candle means only use ONE candle. You just can’t screw it up.

Today is a special day over at Emergiblog. It’s Kim’s 4th/5th anniversary as reigning queen of nursing blogosphere. Let me explain. Our ever-so-wonderful web guy Shane, who I dearly love, tipped off bloggers that Emergiblog’s 5th anniversary was coming up, and he suggested that we throw Kim a big surprise party on our blogs. We were all ready to go, and then Dr. Ramona Bates from Suture for a Living noticed that the math didn’t add up. Ramona pointed out that Kim started Emergiblog in 2005, and that 2009-2005=4. So, you may see some conflicting posts out in the blogosphere today. Here are the facts:

1) Emergiblog has been around for four years. It’s starting its fifth year today as one of the most popular blogs in the healthcare blogosphere.
2) Doctors who enjoy quilting know how to do basic math. Hat tip to Ramona.
3) Kim is my blog mother. Kim encouraged me to start Nurse Ratched’s Place, and for that, I will always be grateful.
4) Shane is embarrassed about his math skills. He said that I could throw him under the bus for this. I just did. We love you, Shane. Kim and I would be toast without you. It’s the thought that counts.