I am awestruck by the amount of email that I’ve been receiving from readers of my
blog, and to those of you who have written to me during my series of posts about healthcare reform, I want to say thank you. I especially want to thank those of you who have been asking me if I hate America, hate God, or if I’m just posing as a nurse because I have nothing better to do, or because I want to pull your chain. I’m a big fan of conspiracy theories and apparently there are some people out there who have formulated some wild theories about my blog and me. It’s time to explore the great big wacko world of conspiracy theories in the healthcare blogosphere.

Let me be clear. I am a nurse, and I love pulling your chain, especially if you’re the type of person like Pamela Pilger that likes yelling Heil Hitler at Jewish men who attend town hall meetings. One reader asked me if left wing radicals were holding me hostage and forcing to write liberal dogma for them. I take that as a compliment. I’m flattered that someone thinks that I’m worth kidnapping. I know that conspiracy theorists want you to believe that Nancy Pelosi and her roving band of gay and lesbian followers are implanting computer chips into people that they grab off of the streets as a way of promoting their liberal agenda, but let me assure you that I’m writing down my own thoughts and feelings, but the next time I see Nancy lurking in the neighborhood with her crew, I will give her your regards.

There are some others out there who have asked me if I’m in cahoots with some big name liberals out in the blogosphere. Legal Nurse respectfully asked me if I am on George Soros’ payroll. I wish! I could use a second income right now, so if any of you happen to have his email address, please pass it on to me so I can send him my resume. I don’t agree with Legal Nurse’s opinions on healthcare reform, but at least LN is into civil conversations when he or she drops by my blog. Thanks, LN. Your mama raised you right. But seriously, I’m not on George’s payroll. Nor am I a correspondent for Democracy Now or for the Huffington Post, however I’d be honored if Amy Goodman or Arianna Huffington wanted to talk to me about writing for them. Sorry people, three more conspiracy theories shot down in flames!

Keep your comments and emails coming. I kind of feel like Mulder and Scully from the X-Files right now. The truth is out there along with a lot of people with active imaginations.