I got an email from my mother the other day that caught my eye. It was a viral email that is making its way around the Internet. The author of the email is asking supporters of healthcare reform to boycott Apple products because they sponsor Fox News. Now, I’m all for the cause, but I draw the line at my computer. Let me remind you of something. I don’t just have a computer. I have a MacBook Pro. That’s sacred, baby, but I digress.

I asked myself what kind of person would ask liberal Apple devotees to turn their backs on Steve Jobs and his empire. The request is creepy and weird. It’s like asking a vegan to eat a side of bloody beef. I am a member of Steve’s cult, and I have to have my computer so I can write about the healthcare debate. There are a lot of myths circulating out on the Internet about healthcare reform. No, no one wants to pull the plug on granny. Proposed legislation would pay doctors for their time if seniors want to ask them questions about end of life issues as they write up their living wills. Seniors will continue to have the right to make themselves a “No Code,” or ask to be hooked up to every machine known to mankind when they are nearing the end of their life. And please stop worrying about Sarah Palin and her baby. There is no government death panel waiting to snatch her disabled child out of her arms. It’s repugnant that Mrs. Palin and others are suggesting that healthcare reform would reflect the Nazi’s Aktion T4 program. The Third Reich’s program executed the blind, deaf, senile, retarded, and people with significant neurological conditions. Sarah’s claim about death panels goes beyond myth, it’s disgraceful.

After giving this whole affair a lot of thought I’ve concluded that this viral email originated at Fox News. Yes sir, we liberal Mac lovers have Fox News on the run. I wonder what BS they are going to come up with next. Hey, Fox News. You want my iPhone? You’ll have to pry it out of my cold dead hands.