A scene from a classic movie popped into my head this morning when I was reading the Drudge Report. I remembered what happened when one of Dr. Frankenstein’s neighbors started telling lies about what was going on at the Frankenstein castle. He really knew how to incite a riot. One thing lead to another, and before you knew it the neighbors were storming the castle. Sound familiar? Thanks to the GOP, we have neighbors turning on each other and storming town hall meetings.

I was shocked when I saw a video today that was shot at a town hall meeting. Things really got out of control. The video showed people that are normally law abiding citizens engaging in disorderly conduct. A congresswoman was trying to speak about healthcare reform. Then an unruly crowd came charging through a set of doors and started banging on windows. There was yelling and cursing. I got upset watching the video. I can only imagine what it was like to have been in the room. The GOP and their conservative surrogates are on a campaign to defeat healthcare reform in this country. They are doing this by spreading lies in order to get the fear monger ball rolling. The insurance industry is spending over a million dollars a day to defeat healthcare reform in our country. They are doing this through the media (I’m talking to you, Fox News), and through public relation campaigns. People are being urged to “storm the streets.” It’s sad to watch people being manipulated into doing things that can have legal consequences. It’s even sadder that these people don’t understand that they would benefit from a public option plan.

It’s only a matter before someone really gets hurt. I hope that person isn’t one of the 44 million people in our country who doesn’t have health insurance.