Elvis Presley was the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. He was also the King of Las Vegas. You doubt my word? Check out the number of Elvis impersonators strolling the streets of Vegas. Just imagine what Elvis would be blogging about if he were still alive today. “I saw six guys that looked just like me walking down the street while I was driving to the casino today. They were all wearing spandex and blue suede shoes. Am I really that fat? OMG! I’m all shook up! I better lay off the peanut butter and banana sandwiches and call Jenny Craig.”

bugElvis spent a lot of time in Las Vegas, and now you can, too. BlogWorld/NewMediaExpo 09 is holding its conference in Las Vegas and it’s going to be big. Med bloggers from around the country are getting together to talk about what’s happening in the blogosphere. I can’t wait to meet the people behind the blogs. Kim from Emergiblog got the ball rolling. We took a vote, and here is the result, the Medblogger track line-up:

Panel #1 The State of the Health Blogosphere: We’ve Come A Long Way, Baby.
Moderator: Kim McAllister, Emergiblog
Panelist: Kevin Pho, Kevin MD
Panelist: Nick Genes, Blogborygmi
Panelist: Kerri Sparling, SixUntilMe

Panel #2 Staying On The Good Side of HIPAA: Safe and Ethical Blogging Practices.
Moderator: Mike Sevilla, Doctor Anonymous
Panelist: Rob Lamberts, Musings of a Distractible Mind
Panelist: Debra Farber, IBM
Panelist: Bob Coffield, Health Care Law Blog

Panel #3 Blogging For Change: How To Influence Healthcare Through Blogging.
Moderator: Val Jones, Better Health
Panelist: Neil Taverner, Other Things Amanzi
Panelist: Terri Polick, Nurse Ratched’s Place
Panelist: Gene Ostrovsky, Medgadget

Panel #4 The Value of Blogs To Hospitals, Industry, and News Organizations.
Moderator: Gary Schwitzer, Health News Review
Panelist: Marc Monseau, Johnson & Johnson ’s JNJBTW Blog
Panelist: Bob Stern, MedPage Today
Panelist: Paul Levy, Running A Hospital.

The conference starts on October 15 and runs through October 17. The Medblogger track takes place on October 15th and costs $200. Use the discount code MEDBLOG when you sign up. And by the way, I’m sure that Elvis would give Johnson and Johnson, and Medpage Today a hardy “thank you very much” for sponsoring the Medblogger track. Click here to learn more about how to register for BlogWorld/NewMediaExpo 09 . See you in Vegas, Baby!

Elvis has left the building.