year-book-nurse1This nurse is smiling because today is a special day. Change of Shift is up over at Reality Rounds, and it’s time to announce the winner of the You’ve Come a Long Way Baby Uniform Contest, sponsored by I want to thank everyone for the entries. You guys rock! There is so much writing talent out there. Seriously. Why aren’t all of you blogging?


1st Prize goes to a Canadian nurse who goes by the pseudonym, Frosty Nurse. She doesn’t blog, so I’ve posted her entry on my site. Frosty Nurse is the winner of a $100 gift card from Here are Frosty Nurse’s thoughts about futuristic nursing uniforms:

    My perfect uniform of the future would always fit, stretch and move no matter what contortion I’m in, hours of work, what I ate or what time of the month or diet. It will never stick in any crack of my body. I will always be at perfect temperature: cool during hot flashes, warm while I run from the car to the building.

    Every tear I shed in joy or frustration would make a badge of courage, honour and proof that I cared to my every fibre. When I am tired, it would automatically energize me like a Double Double (or Starbucks in American). No matter how angry or sarcastic I am, my uniform would automatically diplomatize my words and make my voice heard to defend the best interests of my patient, team and myself.

    It would find humour and joy as often a possible and infuse it like an IV. The uniform of the future would repel negativity, body fluids, and cooties, but would attract the best that others can give so that we can continue to do our best. It would have tons of pockets and mind reading ability to find my pen, paper, equipment that always worked, instant recall of words, orders or confessions, and gloves that easily slides on every time.

    It would make me power nap even when I said I was ok, even in the most busiest times, even if only for a moment, then leave me feeling energetic so I won’t make stupid mistakes while I am rubbing my eyes. It would make me take my breaks.

    The colour would automatically adjust to make me look great so I inspire confidence to those who believe nothing more can be done and try again. The adjusting colour will make my words be of encouragement and hope to those who need to take another step to recovery.

    It would make me go pee when I think I could go a bit longer. It would make me laugh, say thank you, let me go home at the end of my shift knowing we all did a great job and not call back with “I shoulda tole ya”. And I would not look like the housekeeper, or the dietary aide. Oh yeah, it would not be a bright orange with bold stenciled letters with a red target that said ‘Nurse’.

    My ideal uniform would let me look in the mirror at the end of my shift and remind me of the day I realized that I needed and wanted to be a Nurse. And I would look neat, clean and confident like I just left the shower. It would immediately make me say after a brutal shift , “Mirror Mirror on the wall, who makes me care at all? I do!”

Our 2nd Prize winner is Ashley Kody, SN. She is the winner of a new scrub top from Come on Ashley, I know that nursing school is a lot of work, but you seriously need to start blogging. Your entry was great. Thank you for sending it in. I’d also like to give an honorable mention to Larry Fisher, the proprietor of Sairey Gamp, RN. He included a historical nursing photo with his entry. I’ll say no more. You MUST check it out.