clock_tickingThe clock is ticking people. You have four more days to enter the You’ve Come a Long Way Baby Contest from First prize is a $100 gift card from I thought everyone liked free stuff. I know I do, so start writing. Tell what you think uniforms will look like in the future. Use your imagination. Your entry doesn’t have to read like a master’s thesis, it just has to be fun.

I felt like an antique this weekend thanks to some medical students on my unit. Why do students seem to get younger every year, and please don’t place the blame on my chronological age. I refuse to believe that I’m getting older. I forget how we got onto the subject, but somehow I told a group of medical interns that I graduated from a three-year diploma nursing program. One of the interns innocently asked me, “What’s that?” I felt so old when he asked me that question that I expected a museum curator to come out of the woodwork and cordon me off with a velvet rope. I answered his question. They were fascinated that they were actually talking to an “old time nurse.” They had more questions:

Question: “How did you keep you nurses cap on?”
Answer: Bobby pins.

Question: “What was it like working in a hospital without the use of computers?”
Answer: You don’t miss what you never had.

Question: “What did you do back then that you don’t do anymore?”
Answer: Kiss doctors’ butts.

They said I’m an awesome nurse. Is awesome code for Over the Hill? They’re good kids.