Nurse, your patient is not a pineapple. I found this ad for a grocery store on the Internet. The new store owners wanted to reassure old customers that they would continue the store’s tradition of caring for their fresh produce. I didn’t know that nursery nurses could subspecialize in botanicals. Coochy coo pineapple, we love you!

At least my sponsor,, hasn’t asked me to pose with fruit. That’s an offer that I would have to refuse. Go checkout their website. They have good deals over there. Seriously. Pineapples not included.

My blog guy, Shane, also asked me to pass on some information about All Health Jobs and their sister site All Nursing Jobs. Those sites are offering employers free nursing job postings. I like the word “free,” don’t you? Just choose the 90-Day Job Posting and enter coupon code THANKS at checkout. The coupon expires at the end of November.