telephone-nurse-copy2This nurse looks like she’s charting, but she might be fooling you. Perhaps she’s writing down her New Year’s resolutions. I’ve noticed a lot of nurses doing that around this time of the year when they are at work. The number one resolution during a bad shift is “get a new job now!” Too bad this nurse doesn’t have a computer to help her with her job search. My web guy, Shane, gave me a heads up about what’s happening at All Health Jobs and All Nursing Jobs. Shane has created a coupon code just for Nurses Ratched’s Place that anyone can use to post jobs for free on All Health Jobs and All Nursing Jobs through the end of this week to jumpstart their 2010 hiring. Just enter coupon code NurseRatched at checkout, and post as many jobs as you like. And if you are sick and tired of your old job, go look for a new one at All Health Jobs and All Nursing Jobs.

Personally, I’m really happy with my job, but I’m thinking about doing something wild and crazy for the new year. Did you know that there are job opportunities overseas for American nurses? I’m thinking about transferring to a hospital in Europe for a couple of years. I’ve never been out of the United States before, and I’m not getting any younger. Seriously, I think it’s now or never. Time to get a passport before I change my mind. I’ll keep you posted.