Hello again from Planet Widowhood. I’ve been getting a lot of email from my readers who want to know what’s been going on in my life. My transition into singlehood is going well. I don’t refer to myself as a widow anymore. I am single. I’ve kick started my new life and it all started with this orange chair. Seriously. I saw it in front of a store when I was driving home from work. It spoke to me. I felt my primal instincts stir. My pulse started racing. The palms of my hands started to sweat . I couldn’t help my self. I performed a flawless u-turn, landed the perfect parking spot, and walked into the store.

The store was filled from floor to ceiling with hot, sexy furniture. Stop laughing. There is nothing sexier than mid century furniture that looks like it just came off the set of Mad Men. Then I met Doug, the store owner. He didn’t laugh at me when I told him that his furniture is sexy. OK, maybe he did just a little bit, but he gets it. Doug and I both appreciate finely crafted furniture that is well designed. We talked for almost two hours about furniture and a lot of other stuff. Then we had dinner with each other the next night. It was a lot of fun. I bought this teak credenza from Doug. It’s a beauty. It makes my heart race every time I walk into my dinning room.

Doug’s store reminded me that there is beauty in the world even after someone you love dies. I’ve rediscovered beautiful things and good people. I’m enjoying life again one day at a time.