I’m a firm believer that every woman should have more than one husband because one man can’t fill every need.  No offense guys, but even Superman left Lois Lane wanting.  Now I’m not talking about anything sexual.  I’m all about monogamy, but a woman needs more than one man to meet her needs in other aspects of her life.

There was a huge void in my life after my husband died.  Like I said before, Planet Widowhood is a lonely place and I was feeling overwhelmed.   I didn’t know how to start up the riding lawn mower, I needed things in my house fixed, and I was dealing with legal paperwork that I really didn’t understand.  Then my daughters reminded me of something that I taught them a long time ago.  They said I needed to start looking for new husbands to meet my daily needs.

The first new man in my life was Doug.  He’s my Furniture Husband. This picture of him appeared in a local paper.  Doug owns a furniture store in Washington, DC.   He feeds my passion for good design.  Every woman needs a furniture husband in her life.  Doug makes me laugh and helps me feel good about myself.   He’s usually pretty cheerful except for the time he had a flood in his store that wiped out a lot of hot sexy dinning room tables that he was storing in his back room.   I can call Doug whenever I’m feeling down.  He’ll send me funny text messages that brighten up my day. 

I’ll introduce you to my other husbands later on.  I don’t want to make your head spin.  I’ve got a lot of them.