Hello everyone. I’ve been getting a lot of email from my readers, and to those of you who have wondered what happened to me, I am not dead, thanks for asking. I haven’t posted anything in a long time because I’ve been really busy. I started writing for NursingLink, and I’ve been busy getting my life back in order. One thing on my to do list was to find a little companionship because I get lonely wandering around a big house all by myself. This led to a dilemma. I needed to decide what kind of companionship I wanted, and figure out the best way of finding it.

After some soul searching, I decided to adopt a dog or find a boyfriend. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, which I listed in previous posts here and here. In the end, I decided to look for a dog because I wouldn’t have to pick its underwear up off the bedroom floor, and I could crate it when it was getting under my feet. I logged onto PetFinder.com and found a cute little Pekingese-Cocker Spaniel mix. I named him Woz, but quickly renamed him Lucifer after he bit my ankle, tore my pant leg, and tried to kill one of my cats. I sent the little evildoer packing. I toted his sorry doggy butt back to the rescue within three days of moving into my house.

Distraught, I had all but given up hope to finding companionship until one of my friends at work told me that she was looking for a friend online. She told me about many different dating sites and, after getting some advice from my tech savvy daughters, I decided to sign up on OKCupid. I took the leap of faith and posted a profile online. I got a lot of responses. The responses made me ask, “Why can’t I attract men like crazy, instead of attracting crazy men.” I got some strange responses, and one guy sent me a photo of his foot. I’m probably lucky that he didn’t send me a picture of another part of his anatomy. I’ve included some pictures that I found on OKCupid. Really Cupid? What were you thinking when you let these guys register on your website?

I’ve given up on finding companionship online for now, and I have decided to find a man the old fashion way. Who wants to go bar hopping tonight?