I can’t believe that I haven’t been putting up new posts on my blog. This would not have happened under ordinary circumstances, but that whole widowhood thing threw me off my stride. I’m addicted to blogging. It’s my drug of choice. I’ve been doing a lot of things over the last couple of months. For instance, I met someone really special on OKCupid. He’s my Gentleman Caller. He’s not a stalker, he has a job, and he thinks I’m cute. Ok, maybe he’s a little delusional about that whole cute thing but, so far, he makes me very happy.

Gentleman Caller and I have a lot in common except for one thing. He loves watching TV cop shows—they bore me to tears—and I prefer reading a good book. I’m currently reading this book. The book’s author is Drugmonkey, the Master of the Pharmacy, and the proprietor of the sardonic blog, Your Pharmacist May Hate You. I met Drugmonkey via his blog many years ago and he’s one of my good blog buddies. Drugmonkey’s book delves into the mysteries of life, like why does it take so long to get my friggin’ prescription filled at the pharmacy. He also discusses more serious issues like how Big Pharm gets away screwing over the general public. Big Pharm is evil, and Drugmonkey gives his readers the inside scoop on what’s happening in Pharmaceutical World. Drugmonkey is a champion of truth, justice, and the American way. He is Super Pharmacists, and his stories will motivate you to vote all the Congressional idiots out of office.

I’m about to test Gentleman Caller’s commitment to our relationship. Sure, he’s cute and adorable, but I’m going to see if he keeps his sweet disposition when I turn off his TV set and ask him to read Drugmonkey’s book so we can talk about it. Somehow I think he’ll do it for me. I’ll keep you posted.