Check out this nurse’s erect posture and direct eye contact. Just one look tells you that she was in charge of HER unit. I bet patients never argued with her about taking their prescribed dose of Anacin. I remember when nurses wore pure white uniforms, starched caps, and white leather nursing shoes. Those nurses looked regal. They walked up and down the halls of the hospital with an air of confidence in their step. They looked professional and they especially looked striking when they toped off their white uniform with a navy blue cape.

Taking a cue from the past, I’ve started wearing a white uniform when I’m supposed to work as the unit charge nurse. I’ve noticed how people respond to a white uniform. People know that I’m a nurse when they see my white uniform and they assume that I’m in charge when I sit behind the nurses station. The white uniform gives me an air of authority and says, “She’s the boss.” My new dress code has not gone unnoticed by the young medical interns and residences on my unit. They started calling me an old school nurse. I get tickled when they say that a white uniform looks more formal than colored scrubs with prints slashed all over them. One resident told me that she had a hard time taking anyone seriously when they wear Scooby-Doo scrubs to work.

Anacin Nurse knew the secret of running a tight ship. Maybe I should freak everyone out and start wearing a nurse’s cap.