Meet Nurse Julie Eustance. Nothing rattles her. She remains calm, cool, and collected as a hurricane approaches her private Caribbean island. I’m not sure what’s going on with her friend, Simon Tiernan. He looks a little shellshocked. Some people just handle stress.

We’ve had a wild week on the East Coast. First we had a surprise earthquake roll through and now Hurricane Irene is roaring up the coast. There’s been something else happening here this week despite Mother Nature’s wild mood swings. Military nurses stationed at Walter Reed Medical Center have been transferring patients to National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. I want to give a hat tip to all the nurses involved in this big undertaking. They fulfilled their mission. They gave wounded warriors world class nursing care while transferring them to another facility during an earthquake that rocked the D.C. area, and while Hurricane Irene tried blowing us off the map. I’ve always said that American military nurses are the most highly trained and dedicated nurses in the world, and they just proved it again. Nurse Julie is impressed, too. She admires nurses who don’t get rattled.

To all American military nurses: Thank you for your service to our country.