You read it right. Nurses are needed now, along with anyone else who blogs about the healthcare system. It’s time to meet up at Blogworld Media Expo 2011. Like I said last week,
Johnson and Johnson is sponsoring the Social Health Track for the third year in a row. The three-day track will include 8 sessions, so there’s something for everyone. Rob Halper from Johnson and Johnson sent me the following message:

“Through the use of social media and digital technologies, patients, physicians, nurses and caregivers are obtaining information, sharing data and connecting with other like-minded individuals to help them make informed decisions that impact health outcomes. At the 2011 Social Health Track at the BlogWorld and New Media Conference in Los Angeles, organizers will bring together e-patient advocates, healthcare professionals, caregivers, healthcare providers and manufacturers to share insights, best practices and to discuss how digital approaches and social networking can be better used by patients and professionals to improve healthcare. Sessions in this focused track are for people who are interested in how the social web can be used to positively impact society, from members of the social health community (e-patients, e-doctors, online nurses and members of industry, etc.) to those interested in the effective application of digital and online technologies for change.”

Nov. 3rd:

Session #1
Panel Discussion: What companies can do to support patient needs.
Kerry Sparling, six until me
Jenni Prokopy, chronicbabe
Katie Loeb: Overflowing Brain
Moderator: Russ Stark, Brownstone

Session #2
Presentation: STOP being afraid of HIPAA regulations when you blog, tweet, or podcast!
Kim McAllister , Emergiblog
Jamie Davis, RN
Terri Polick, RN

Session #3
Presentation: Credibility in the Healthcare space
Speaker: Shwen Gwee, Edelman

Nov 4th:

Session #4
Panel Discussion: The use of digital applications and tools to change behaviors to improve health
John De Souza, President,
Enoch Choi, MD, digital health/health 2.0
Raj Amin, CEO, HealthiNation
Sarah Colamarino, J&J, Text4Baby

Session #5
Panel Discussion: Establishing guidance for companies to operate successfully online
Moderator: Mark Bard, Founder, Digital Health Coalition
Panelists, TBD

Session #6
Panel Discussion: Physicians and engaging online in social health
Dr. Jen Dyer (Endo Goddess)
Dr. Bryan Vertabidian (33 Charts)
Dr. Val Jones, get better health
Moderator: Zoe Dunn, Hale Partners

Nov. 5th

Session #7

Whiteboard session David Armano, Edelman Digital and Marc Monseau, MDM Consulting

Session #8
Panel Discussion: Can social media improve how healthcare is managed? What can be learned from other industries.
Scott Monty, Ford
Shannon Paul, Blue Cross, Blue Shield Michigan
Moderator: Dakila Davina, Everyday Health

Check out the BlogWorld & New Media Expo website for more information. I’ll be looking for you at Blogworld.