I escaped my everyday life and I took a road trip to visit my kids. The flight was lovely, thank you Southwest Airlines, and the weather in the Midwest is perfect. The leaves are turning beautiful colors and the fall air is crisp and clean. The best part, of course, is getting to spend time with my girls. I’m back on the mommy track and I like it. It’s been a long time since my last trip to see my babies.

Of course, they aren’t babies anymore. Kids grow up too quickly and my girls are all grown up. My older daughter has a boyfriend and my younger girl is quickly becoming serious with her new beau. And so I lament: “When are you getting married? I want grandchildren.” I can’t help myself. It’s like some primal need overrides my self-censor button. I guess I’ve entered my second phase of motherhood. My kids are too old to hold on my lap, but they will never be too old to be in my life, or to endure my motherly advice/nagging about my impending grandchildren.

I wonder if they would get upset if I bought the vacant house across the street.