Nursing instructors grading Exams in the 1950s. Courtesy of Johns Hopkins Medical Archives on Flickr.

I remember it well. Cramming all night for a nursing exam, taking the test, and hoping for the best. It was a nerve racking experience for the students, but I’ve always wondered what it was like for the instructors. Check out these old gals. Grading papers was time consuming before computerized tests, but I bet they got some pretty entertaining answers.

Miss Jones, Medical Surgical Instructor: “Oh my God, I can’t believe this answer. It’s right up there with the excuse, “my dog ate my care plan.”

Mrs. Smith, OB/GYN Instructor: “I know what you mean. These young people are the future of our profession. Let’s work them a little harder and kick butt.”

Miss Jones: “Done! By the way, love your new uniform. White is definitely in your color wheel.”

My teachers worked me so hard, I thought my brain was going to explode. I know it was for my own good, and I learned a lot, but I was so tired when I graduated from nursing school that I swore I was never going to step foot in another classroom again. Over the years, the world changed. I need to keep up with new things, so I’ve decided to go back to school. No, I’m not taking nursing classes. I’d rather eat worms than learn nursing theory, so I’m enrolling in UC Irvine Extension’s Social Media Specialized Studies Program. Here are some of the classes that I’ll be taking:

Utilizing and Integrating Social Media Channels
Social Media Measurement and Evaluation
Transmedia Marketing Through Storytelling

I’m going to be a college coed. I’m so pumped that I’m going to start reading my textbooks now, and get ready for another bout of exploding brain syndrome. I’ll keep you posted.