Soup Nazi was right. Some people just don’t deserve your time or attention. This is a rant. I’m on my soapbox, so move along if don’t want to listen to my thoughts about haters.

I can’t believe what I’m reading on some websites about the Occupy Wall Street Movement. Frankly, there are some people out there who should have their computer keyboards taken away from them because they aren’t mature enough to own them. Everyone has the right to their opinion, and it’s OK if you don’t believe in the Occupy Wall Street Movement, but do people really have to write such ugly hate filled crap and disinformation?

I was especially horrified to read a post put up by David Burge at the Iowahawk. The offensive post is entitled “With Apologies to Allan Sherman.” I’m not doing him the courtesy of posting a link to his offensive post, but I’m sure you can Google the post if you really want to read it. In his parody of Sherman’s classic Camp Granada song, Burge proliferates ultra right wing propaganda, and disseminates a hate filled message against the protesters. Note to Mr. Burges: The protesters are not nut jobs or criminals. They are honest, hard working people who are tired of being screwed over by the One Percent. Shame on you. You mock pulmonary tuberculosis, a disease often times associated with poverty, and violence in your parody. Too bad you can’t put your comedic talents to better use.