Our liberal nurse is reassessing her patient after administering pain medications. He told her that his pain level was a ten out of ten an hour ago. Now he’s sleeping like a baby. I doubt he would be sleeping so soundly if he knew what the Congressional Super Committee was up to. You see, this patient is a disabled veteran and Congress wants to cut his Tricare benefits.

Democrats and Republicans on the 12- member Joint Select Committee of Debt Reduction, known in my household as the Twelve Who Represent the 1%, have been given the task of cutting at least $1.2 trillion off projected budget deficits over the next decade. If they can’t meet their goals, a trigger will automatically cut $450 billion from defense programs, so members of the committee are offering up separate partisan packages that stink. The one thing that everyone on this committee seems to agree on is taking money away from people who need their benefits the most. These people are not deadbeats, bums, or socialists looking to redistribute the wealth. No, these people have made sacrifices by serving their country in the U.S. military.

John McCain, ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee, said that the DoD could save $111 billion dollars over the next decade by downgrading health care plans currently available for military retirees under the age of 65. The idea is to make these plans too expensive, or so undesirable that retirees would opt to enroll in insurance plans that are available through their current places of employment. And as we all know those plans REALLY stink, and are full of loop holes that exclude preexisting conditions. Not that Congress really gives a damn. After all, members of Congress get great health care benefits and a kick ass pension when they leave public service.

Taking care of Veterans isn’t a crazy idea. It’s the right thing to do.