I believe in things that go bump in the night. I’ve been a nurse too long not to believe. Are you a nurse who has had a paranormal experience? If you are, the producers at Paranormal Witness want to hear from you.
I received an email from Helen, one of the Story Producers on the SyFy Show, Paranormal Witness after she found a post I wrote a couple of years ago about nurses and ghosts. Helen is working on finding stories for the next television season, and since I think most nurses have had some sort of experience with the unexplained, Helen called me from London, England and asked me to post a shout out for stories from the nursing community. Here’s Helen’s message:

Dear Nurses,
The successful show Paranormal Witness that goes out on the SyFy channel is looking for stories for season two. The story team behind the show are particularly keen to hear from nurses who have experienced events they can’t explain while caring for patients. Nurses are often dealing with events that lie at the very edge of human experience and it is these types of stories that we want to hear about. We feature the very best and the most credible stories that defy rational explanation. Those that nurses talk freely about but that are not out there in the public domain. We would love to tell such a story from a nurses point of view. If you have experienced something that you would like to talk about with the story team, please email your contacts and a brief description of what happened to:helen.lambourne@rawtelevision.co.uk or
We are in the research stage which means we would like a chat on the phone initially, in complete confidence.
Thank You
Story Producer

I don’t have cable or satellite TV at my house (yes, I’m a throwback to another time), so I watched a couple of episodes of Paranormal Witness over the internet. The shows aren’t creepy. They tell inspiring stories that give hope and meaning to life. Contact Helen if you have a story you want to share. She’s waiting to hear from you.