Hear ye, hear ye, the great and magnificent ANA has made a statement about the Amanda Trujillo case. Well it’s about time. It only took a firestorm in the blogosphere to make you speak. Your slow response was noted. I’m sure you needed extra time to precisely craft your statement about Amanda’s case because you’ve really screwed things up.

This is their comment about Amanda’s case:

“ANA is closely monitoring the case of Amanda Trujillo, MSN, RN, and has been in contact with her attorney. ANA strongly supports nurses and their right and responsibility to engage in patient education and advocacy. ANA appreciates how difficult it is for a nurse to undergo an investigation of his or her practice by the state board of nursing. To be clear, ANA expects the Arizona Board of Nursing to follow its standard procedure, to render an unbiased judgment in this case, and to be fully transparent in its findings.

ANA advises that any nurse who has been alerted by the board of a complaint and an impending investigation retain legal counsel. It is the role of legal counsel to represent the nurse during the process. In addition, ANA cautions nurses and the public not to rush to judgments about complex cases based on social media postings or other media coverage.”

Seriously, ANA? What a cop out. Amanda wrote to the ANA MONTHS ago and heard nothing from your so called leadership. But that’s OK. I’m sure that your leadership were far too busy to deal with Amanda because they were chumming around with Teri Wicker, the president of the Arizona Nurses Association and one of the Banner Health Care nurses who fired Amanda. I wish someone from the ANA would explain how they could have contacted Amanda’s attorney since she doesn’t have one right now because she is looking for one that has more experience in this type of case. And besides ANA, I think it’s really creepy that you would contact Amanda’s attorney without talking to her first. I guess you forgot that she is a member of your organization. And that whole thing about social media? Get ready ANA. The firestorm is just beginning. People are listening to nurse bloggers and the media because they can’t get the truth from any other source. I know that must really scare you because you can’t handle the truth.