The ANA came out with a lame statement after the blogosphere went ballistic over the Amanda Trujillo case. The statement said that the ANA was going to monitor Amanda’s situation. I thought they meant that they were going to await further developments before they said anything else, but apparently I was wrong. I just found out that the ANA is monitoring Facebook pages, and that they told a least one state nursing association to censor posts and comments that are in support of Amanda Trujillo.

My blog buddy, Vernon Dutton from NursingPins went onto the Iowa Nurses Association’s Facebook page and posted a supportive comment about Amanda Trujillo. Then he got a big surprise. According to LouisianaNurse, Vernon was asked to call the INA. The person that spoke to Vernon said that ANA told the INA to take his comment down. Vernon later posted the following comment on the INA Facebook page: “The Iowa Nurses Association selectively removes posts they do not like!” As a native of Iowa, I’m very disappointed that the INA knuckled under to the demands of the ANA. This type of censorship is unacceptable. On the other hand, the INA didn’t have to give Vernon an explanation for their actions. Maybe they wanted Vernon to know about the ANA’s censorship campaign.

The ANA is truly “monitoring the situation.” Big Brother is proud of you.