Someone at the ANA needs a nose job. They just told a lie.

I hopped onto Twitter yesterday to check out some tweets after I learned that the ANA had mentioned Kim McAllister from Emergiblog and me in one of their messages. Here’s a screen shot:

It all started when my blog buddy, Vernon Dutton from NursingPins wrote a message on Facebook. He shared that one of his supportive messages about Amanda Trujillo had been removed from the Iowa Nurses Association’s Facebook page. The INA contacted Vernon to let him know that the ANA had told them to take down his comment. Kim and I came out publically and called this censorship. The ANA calls it a misunderstanding. Yeah, right. The ANA hates crystal clear communication between all parties, and what we really have here is a credibility gap. The ANA has a history of waging campaigns of disinformation when they don’t like something, and this tweet is just another example of how they try to manipulate public opinion. Shame on you ANA. Your nose is growing again.