Many of my readers are wondering why I took a break from writing about the Amanda Trujillo case. The answer is simple. This case is getting very litigious.

Several weeks ago, the Arizona Board of Nursing made their allegations against Amanda public. In the past this would have gone against the board’s policies, so you’d have to be stupid or really naive to believe that this case isn’t going to court. If you don’t already know, there has been a lot of mudslinging going on. This case involves slander, libel, and defamation of character, and the board will have to answer for their actions.

I still support Amanda Trujillo and some people who have read the allegations against Amanda have questioned my judgment. Frankly, I don’t believe these allegations because I personally know two other nurses who have been reported to their nursing boards by their former employers. One of my friends was reported to the BON after she spoke up about unsafe nursing practices at a shady nursing home, and the other was reported after he chastised hospital administration for placing psychiatric patients and staff in an unsafe environment. Their former employers cooked up all kinds of false allegations against my friends who are both stellar nurses. Their former employers crucified their character, but in the end they were both cleared of any wrongdoing by their respective state nursing boards. There is an escalating pattern of abuse as more unscrupulous employers are using nursing boards as the ultimate scare tactic to keep nurses “in their place. ” Amanda is just another victim of this ploy.

Unfortunately, unlike my friends, Amanda is fighting a corrupt nursing board that has close ties to her former employer, Banner Del E. Webb Medical Center. Amanda has also reached out to the Arizona Nurses Association for support, but their leadership is no help. Not surprisingly, the AzNA also has close ties to Banner Health. And then there is the American Nurses Association. They continue to “closely monitor” Amanda’s situation. I wish the ANA would stop giving lip service and actually do something to promote the nursing profession.

The Arizona Board of Nursing and Banner Health are trying to destroy Amanda because she refuses to remain silent about corruption in her state. I’ll keep you posted as new information becomes available.