I don’t have too much to say about myself other than I’ve been a nurse since God was in diapers. I’m outspoken, and my expansive nursing career has given me a ringside seat to the healthcare arena. I’m a bedside nurse and freelance writer. That means I know how to give bed baths while saving lives, and write about the experience after the dust settles. My articles have appeared in Nursing Spectrum, Advance for Nursing, Monsterjob.com, Medscape.com,NursingJobs.org, OnlineNursingDegrees.org, and the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Oh yeah, and in my spare time I lobby on Capitol Hill for the establishment of the Office of the National Nurse. I currently work at UGH (undisclosed government hospital) as a psychiatric nurse.

You can write to me at motherjonesrn@yahoo.com