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Deep Freeze Nurse

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These young ladies are prancing back to their nursing dormitory after a snowstorm. They look really happy to finally make their exit from the hospital. I identify with these girls because I got snowed in at my hospital for eight days last week. It was tedious, but I used my time constructively. I studied human [...]

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart: Apothecary Now

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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c Apothecary Now Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Healthcare Protests Dear God, ain’t it the truth. Watch this. Tweet

What Are You Doing For Your Midlife Crisis?

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Nurse Andrea Bartlett is literally having a meltdown. She is in the midst of her midlife crisis. Nurses like her are easy to spot. She’s having a hot flash, note the hand to her forehead and the look on her face that says, “Crap, I’m going to pass out,” and she’s reliving her hippy Peace [...]

Revisiting the Intern Survival Guide

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I wrote this post a long time ago when I first started blogging. I’m recycling the post because this information bears repeating. I’ve been seeing some behavior lately that is inappropriate, and I’m telling you this stuff for your own good. Please, never roll your eyes at a nurse who is old enough to be [...]

CIA vs. Psychiatric Charge Nurse

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This weekend a man came to my unit and rang the doorbell a half an hour before visiting hours were to start. I opened the unit door and a large burly man wearing sunglass and a dark suit asked me if a certain patient was on my unit. Of course I told him that I [...]

Thieves and Thugs: The Bank of New York Mellon

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You think that it can never happen to you, but it can. Yesterday I received a letter from Bank of New York Mellon. These guys are the idiots that gave unencrypted computer data tapes to a third party vendor. The vendor was hired to store the tapes in a top secret, undisclosed location, but unfortunately [...]

Nurse Ratched

There has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about medical bloggers and HIPAA regulations so let me make this very clear: I write composite stories about many different people that I've cared for over the years.

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