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Nurses vs Hurricane Sandy

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From the Huffington Post. Photo/ John Minchillo This is every nurse’s worst nightmare. Imagine caring for the most fragile, helpless patient while Mother Nature is going on a rampage. That’s what happened last night as hospital staff worked through the night to evacuate patients from NYU’s Langone Medical Center after heavy flooding from Hurricane Sandy [...]

The War Against Amanda Trujillo

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Many of my readers are wondering why I took a break from writing about the Amanda Trujillo case. The answer is simple. This case is getting very litigious. Several weeks ago, the Arizona Board of Nursing made their allegations against Amanda public. In the past this would have gone against the board’s policies, so you’d [...]

Tweet Me No Lies

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Someone at the ANA needs a nose job. They just told a lie. I hopped onto Twitter yesterday to check out some tweets after I learned that the ANA had mentioned Kim McAllister from Emergiblog and me in one of their messages. Here’s a screen shot: It all started when my blog buddy, Vernon Dutton [...]

Censorship: Don’t Talk About Amanda Trujillo

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The ANA came out with a lame statement after the blogosphere went ballistic over the Amanda Trujillo case. The statement said that the ANA was going to monitor Amanda’s situation. I thought they meant that they were going to await further developments before they said anything else, but apparently I was wrong. I just found [...]

An Open Letter: Dear Future of Nursing

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I choked on my breakfast this morning while I was surfing the web. It all started when I checked out the Future of Nursing: Campaign for Action website. According to the website, “The Future of Nursing:Campaign for Action is an initiative to advance comprehensive health care change. It envisions a health care system where all [...]

The Arizona Board of Nursing Thinks You’re Stupid

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I learned a long time ago that behavior is predictable. Past behavior is a good indicator of how an individual or organization will respond to current events. I don’t know why I was shocked to learn that the Arizona Board of Nursing is upping the ante on Amanda Trujillo. After all, she didn’t roll over [...]

In the Footsteps of Rosa Parks

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“You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right.” Rosa Parks. Nurse K, the proprietor of Crass-Pollination: An ER Blog just wrote a post about the Amanda Trujillo case. She and I have very different opinions about Amanda’s case, but I encourage you to read her post because she reflects [...]

Show Me How Much You Care, AzNA

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This photo is inspiring. These members of the New York State Nurses Association marched on Albany in 1971. They took to the streets to advocate for their patients and for the nursing profession. Their spirit lives on as state nurses associations fight for the rights of nurses to advocate for their patients. Well, their spirit [...]

Looks like the nurse is assessing her patient. I’m sure that she will talk to him about his temperature and ask him for his input as she writes up his treatment plan. Bedside nurses monitor your health and meet your daily needs. We talk to the public, our patients, and advocate for you everyday. Now [...]

The ANA Finally Talks About the Amanda Trujillo Case

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Hear ye, hear ye, the great and magnificent ANA has made a statement about the Amanda Trujillo case. Well it’s about time. It only took a firestorm in the blogosphere to make you speak. Your slow response was noted. I’m sure you needed extra time to precisely craft your statement about Amanda’s case because you’ve [...]

Nurse Ratched

There has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about medical bloggers and HIPAA regulations so let me make this very clear: I write composite stories about many different people that I've cared for over the years.

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