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Better Health at HIMSS

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Dr. Val Jones from Better Health is making an announcement. She, Dr. Mike Sevilla (AKA: Dr. Anonymous), and Dr. Nick Genes will be offering live coverage of the biggest tech conference: HIMSS in Atlanta, March 1-4. This conference is huge. Thirty thousand people are going to be there, and you can follow along. Dr. Val [...]

Racial Profiling: The Ghost of Nurse Aiko Hamaguchi

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Portrait by Ansel Adams, 1943 My mother told me to never talk about religion or politics in public. She said it is impolite, but I have to speak up. The woman in this picture is Nurse Aiko Hamaguchi. Look at her closely. Nurse Hamaguchi is the face of racial profiling. Nurse Hamaguchi was born in [...]

New Year’s Resolutions and Nursing Jobs

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This nurse looks like she’s charting, but she might be fooling you. Perhaps she’s writing down her New Year’s resolutions. I’ve noticed a lot of nurses doing that around this time of the year when they are at work. The number one resolution during a bad shift is “get a new job now!” Too bad [...]

Best Video Ever For Breast Cancer Awareness

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I found this video over at Diary of a Trauma Nurse. The video was done at Providence St. Vincent Medical Center in Portland, Oregon. Put your dancing shoes on. It’s time to boogie! Tweet

Happy Holidays in the Kitchen

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It looks like the girls have been busy cooking Christmas dinner for their patients in the hospital kitchen. Really. Some hospitals will do anything to save a buck. Anyway, it looks like everyone is having fun. Wishing you happy holidays from Nurse Ratched’s Place. Tweet

Priceless……… Tweet

Time to Save Some Money

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Check these old gals out. Love the cute nursing caps. They look so dainty. Turn of the century nurses knew how to stretch a buck. They did all the work in the hospital. They cooked for their patients, did housekeeping chores, and whatever else they had to do to keep their hospital humming. Notice the [...]

Pink Research: Undercutting Women’s Health

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I thought I was going to hit a Jersey wall last week while I was driving into work. Yes, I drive like a Mario Andretti on the Beltway, but that had nothing to do with it. It was all NPR’s fault. I was listening to the radio at 4 AM when NPR announced the results [...]

What’s New?

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Nurse, your patient is not a pineapple. I found this ad for a grocery store on the Internet. The new store owners wanted to reassure old customers that they would continue the store’s tradition of caring for their fresh produce. I didn’t know that nursery nurses could subspecialize in botanicals. Coochy coo pineapple, we love [...]

Google Robbed My Piggy Bank

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It all started so innocently. A couple of years ago I signed up for Google AdSense. It looked like a fair deal. I was working with a legitimate company—not a fly by night operation—so I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose. I won’t say that the money started rolling in. It didn’t. The [...]

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