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RN Chat

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Meet Phil Baumann. He’s holding nursing chats on Twitter. I like this guy. He’s smart. I encourage you to join in the conversation. Sorry I won’t be at the next chat, Phil. I’ll be at work. Maybe next time, but until then, keep chatting. Tweet

To Serve and Protect–or Not

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We’d all be in trouble if law enforcement was doled out by insurance companies. Tweet

And the Envelope Please…..

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This nurse is smiling because today is a special day. Change of Shift is up over at Reality Rounds, and it’s time to announce the winner of the You’ve Come a Long Way Baby Uniform Contest, sponsored by ScrubsGallery.com. I want to thank everyone for the entries. You guys rock! There is so much writing [...]

Your Byline Has Blogger Envy

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I never knew that newspapers use to hire nurses. This nurse is working in a big city at the news desk. I wonder if she had to have a journalism degree as well as a nursing license in order to write copy for a media outlet back when nurses wore their cap. There was a [...]

Via BlogWorld Expo 09 in Las Vegas

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? I think not. It ends up on YouTube. Case in point. You must be careful when you are around Dr. Anonymous. He has a video camera, and he’s not afraid to use it. You’ve been warned. The first med blogger track at BlogWorld/New Media Expo 09 was a [...]

Looking into the Future, Looking into the Past.

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The clock is ticking people. You have four more days to enter the You’ve Come a Long Way Baby Contest from ScrubsGallery.com. First prize is a $100 gift card from ScrubsGallery.com. I thought everyone liked free stuff. I know I do, so start writing. Tell what you think uniforms will look like in the future. [...]

Where’s My National Nurse?

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I miss my weekend alternative job. Working 40 hours a week is a drag. It takes me away from really important things like blogging and eating Godiva chocolates during the week. This week’s blog post is about something that really gets me charged up. We need an Office of the National Nurse, and nurses from [...]

My friend Dr. Val Jones from Better Health gets around the blogosphere. She interviewed Paul Levy, President & CEO of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Paul is a unique guy. He writes a blog called Running a Hospital, he is going to be a panelist at BlogWorld New Media Expo 2009, and [...]

You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby.

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Yes, I know the title of this post is sexist. So sue me. And by the way, I’m not leaving out the guys. Male nurses rock, too! Nursing sure has changed over the last one hundred years. Yeah Baby, we’ve come a long way. Check out this nursing uniform. Can you believe that turn-of-the-century nurses [...]

Elvis Says, “Viva Las Vegas, Bloggers”

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Elvis Presley was the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll. He was also the King of Las Vegas. You doubt my word? Check out the number of Elvis impersonators strolling the streets of Vegas. Just imagine what Elvis would be blogging about if he were still alive today. “I saw six guys that looked just like [...]

Nurse Ratched

There has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about medical bloggers and HIPAA regulations so let me make this very clear: I write composite stories about many different people that I've cared for over the years.

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