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The White House Cook Book

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This belonged to my great-grandmother, my great-aunt, my grandmother, and then it was passed down to me. The White House Cook Book, A Comprehensive Cyclopedia of Information For the Home, was first published in 1887. This edition was published in 1912. Before there were HMOs, PPOs, and primary care physicians, there was the White House [...]

My Boy Freud

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Print by Andy Warhol John Mark Karr, the man claiming to be the murderer of JonBenet Ramsey, has been the topic of conversation on our unit for the last couple of weeks. Everyone has something to say, and as I listen to the news, I wonder what Sigmund Freud would think about this guy. My [...]

Make Mine a Rum and Coke

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After a long weekend at work, I like to kick back and relax. When I was young, kicking back included a few Rum and Cokes. Look at those dinky little glasses. No thank you, I prefer my Coke in a Seven Eleven Super Big Gulp cup. These days when I want to relax, I drink [...]

I Want My Silver Wings

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Did you know that the first flight attendances were nurses? Yep, it’s true, the women in these pictures are nurses. Nurses use to pour coffee from sterling silver coffeepots and serve sandwiches, as airline customers sat back and gazed at the clouds drifting by. We were the queens of good customer service. The American public [...]

Sleeping Like a Baby

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I just got home after completing another 16-hour shift. I’m so tired, but even though I’m drifting off in front of my computer screen, I’m compelled to visit my favor websites and get in my daily dose of blogging. Could I be addicted to the Internet? This kid has the right idea about getting a [...]

Hospital Nocturne

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Today’s book report is about “Hospital Nocturne” by Alice Eleanor Lambert. This oldie but goodie was first published in 1932, and is described by the author as an enchanting behind-the-scenes account of the excitement and drama of the little world within a hospital. Love and Tragedy in a Hospital….. “Strange, isn’t it?” Carol Maitland, grave, [...]

A Rotten Apple

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The honeymoon is over! I love my computer, but I very unhappy with Apple customer service. In 2004, shortly after I bought my computer, my screen saver went haywire, so I took my computer back to the store to have it checked out. It takes me about an hour and a half to drive to [...]

The Good, the Bad, and My Daughter’s New Boyfriend

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First the good news; Pictures! I want to thank Chris from “Trading Faces” for teaching me about Foxfire. After following the directions he e-mailed me,my blogger world became a happier place. Now the bad news, my life support system (my Mac G4 laptop) is sick and I’m taking it in tomorrow for a check up. [...]

The Wrath of the Blog-Gods

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I know why we can’t post pictures on Blogger.com, and it is such a simple reason, I don’t know why no one has thought of this before. Google did something to infuriate the blog-gods. I suspect Google stole information from the blog-gods, and that they used the information to setup Blogger.com’s new beta format. Gods [...]

Martha’s List

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Off with their heads! I’m still waiting for Blogger.com to get their act together. Every time I try to post a picture, my browser crashes. I use Safari OSX. This makes me a very unhappy princess-nurse. (Since I can’t upload pictures, visualize a picture of a pouting princess- nurse, wearing her crown, standing by a [...]

Nurse Ratched

There has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about medical bloggers and HIPAA regulations so let me make this very clear: I write composite stories about many different people that I've cared for over the years.

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