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Go Ask Mother: The Lowdown on Heathcare Reform

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I hate it when I can’t get into conversations that are happening on my own blog. My job at UGH (undisclosed government hospital) has a way of getting in the way of my real life. Jeanne T. has asked a lot of valid questions about healthcare reform. She also asked me to answer some of [...]

Conspiracy Theories Rock!

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I am awestruck by the amount of email that I’ve been receiving from readers of my blog, and to those of you who have written to me during my series of posts about healthcare reform, I want to say thank you. I especially want to thank those of you who have been asking me if [...]

Get Your Hands Off My iPhone Fox News.

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I got an email from my mother the other day that caught my eye. It was a viral email that is making its way around the Internet. The author of the email is asking supporters of healthcare reform to boycott Apple products because they sponsor Fox News. Now, I’m all for the cause, but I [...]

Rioting For the GOP

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A scene from a classic movie popped into my head this morning when I was reading the Drudge Report. I remembered what happened when one of Dr. Frankenstein’s neighbors started telling lies about what was going on at the Frankenstein castle. He really knew how to incite a riot. One thing lead to another, and [...]

Candle Confusion: Happy Anniversary Emergiblog

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Have you ever wondered why nursing students like this one carry just one candle in their nursing lamp when they get capped. We just use one candle to cut down on confusion. The instructions are easy to remember. Use one candle means only use ONE candle. You just can’t screw it up. Today is a [...]

Howard Dean Stops by Nurse Ratched’s Place

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I love the Internet. It has a way of bringing people closer together. I saw Governor Howard Dean at a town hall meeting in Washington D.C earlier this month. He’s a dynamic speaker. I wanted to ask him some questions, but the place was packed, so I couldn’t get close to him. Not to be [...]

“The doctor will see you now.” I’m hoping to hear those golden words soon because I’m sitting in my primary care physician’s office on my day off from work. I’m lucky that I have a primary care physician who is still taking new patients. Did you know that a lot of primary care doctors are [...]

Guess Who’s Coming to Washington, D.C.

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Washington, D.C. is full of politicians and lobbyists. These people are good at smoozing. That’s why they are politicians and lobbyists, but this week there’s another group of people coming to town. They are good at taking care of patients, and I can’t wait to meet them. Healthcare bloggers are coming to Washington, D.C.! Better [...]

Rally For Health Care

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Have you ever wondered what nurses do on their day off from work? Some nurses catch up on their housework. I’d rather go to a health care rally than chase dust bunnies under my bed. So would these ladies. Bertha, the lady on the left, is a friend of mine from work. The lady on [...]

It’s About the Patients, Stupid

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My apologies to James Carville. I plagiarized his tagline because the insurance industry has forgotten about sick people during our national healthcare debate. I remember when nurses and insurance companies use to get along with each other. Back in the 1960s, these nurses even took time out of their busy schedules to pose for one [...]

Nurse Ratched

There has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about medical bloggers and HIPAA regulations so let me make this very clear: I write composite stories about many different people that I've cared for over the years.

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