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Iranian Doctors and Nurses Speak For the Dead

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Like most of you, I’m continuing to watch the events unfold in Iran via Twitter and YouTube. Not surprisingly, given the escalating violence, doctors and nurses are caught in the crossfire. This video was posted on YouTube on June 16th. One woman who I’m guessing is a nurse is showing a sign that says that [...]

911: The Iran Election

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I’ve been reading the Tweets coming out of Iran today, alternating between hope and despair. One tweet caught my eye. Someone who said they saw police keeping patients from entering a hospital in Tehran wrote it. The tweet said that police had surrounded the hospital. It also said that police were beating doctors who tired [...]

These Nursing Shoes Are Made For Walking

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Do you remember this person? She is a bedside nurse. She walks up and down hospital hallways in her white nursing shoes all day long while caring for her patients. She is trained for active duty. I’m asking you this question because nursing researchers have had an epiphany. They believe that they have discovered something [...]

The Twitter People

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Life is good. I’m settling into my job at UGH (Undisclosed Government Hospital) and I have a couple of days off from work. I’m using my time constructively. My house looks like hell, but I am doing other important things like writing, reading blogs, and visiting Twitter. Yes, I’m addicted to Twitter. I started tweeting [...]

Rapping Nurses

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Check this out. Massachusetts General Hospital nurses rocks! Don’t forget to wash your hands. Cal-Stat Rap from WBUR on Vimeo. Tweet

Pearls of Wisdom From An Old Psych Nurse

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Nurses are experts at navigating through rough waters. We are always there for our patients in their time of need. Check this nurse out. She is using her critical thinking skills while she sails her boat through a stormy ocean. It’s true. Nurses can do just about anything, just so long as they have a [...]

Star Trek Movie Review at the Nurses Station

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My husband and I did something amazing last weekend. We went out to see the new Star Trek movie before it came out on DVD. You may not find this to be mind-blowing, but we are frugal people. We don’t part with our money easily. At first I hadn’t planned on seeing the movie. I [...]

Traveling to Big City

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This is a picture of an antique compass that has been passed down in my family. It first belonged to grandmother. She told me that she received it as a gift when she was a young girl, and that she gave it to my father when he became a cross-country truck driver when he was [...]

Go Stand in the Corner: Scolding From Mother

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It’s probably a good thing that I’ve been in hospital orientation and away from my computer this week. There are some people out there that need their ears boxed. Let’s start with Apple Inc. Who was the idiot that approved Apple’s short-lived iPhone application, Baby Shaker? The application let users silence an imaginary crying infant [...]

Living Through Hospital Orientation

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This poor old nurse looks tired. See the bags under eyes, and the tired expression on her face? I feel her pain. I bet she’s going through hospital orientation. I can’t believe it. I made it through my first week of orientation in one piece. Getting up at 3 AM in the morning and commuting [...]

Nurse Ratched

There has been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere about medical bloggers and HIPAA regulations so let me make this very clear: I write composite stories about many different people that I've cared for over the years.

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